Suncola – the non-carbonated cola

A smooth cola experience for children

Suncola has the delicious and refreshing taste of cola, which is known to be one of the most popular flavors worldwide. Suncola is non-carbonated to ensure a smooth drinking experience compared to carbonated soft drinks. The light consumption together with it’s handy pack size and Z-straw makes Suncola preferred especially by children. Suncola is a high quality product and free from preservatives.

Suncola was launched in 1988 and is sold primarily in the Middle East-North Africa region.

Sipping without dripping

Handy pack sizes with Z-straw for easy consumption during any activity.

Suncola comes in handy pack sizes of 125 ml and 250 ml to be enjoyed at many occasions. It also easily fits in a pocket or bag, when on the go. Both pack sizes are equipped with the unique Z-straw making it easy to stop and take a sip during play and sports without spilling. A great companion especially for active children and pre-teenagers.

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