Sunjoy – a great tasting fruit drink

Fruity refreshment with a mild and sweet taste.

Sunjoy is an ideal companion for people on the go or with an active lifestyle. It is a non-carbonated product with a mild, fruity and refreshing taste, which makes it gentle and pleasant to enjoy.

Five refreshing flavours

Sunjoy comes in the following flavours: Exotic, Raspberry, Orange, Tropical, and Pineapple/Coconut.

Sunjoy – refreshment on the go

Cool and easy refreshment in a bottle.

Sunjoy comes in ½ liter and 1-liter sizes – both are plastic bottles with a convenient screw cap. The ½ liter size is easy to handle and convenient to pack in your bag for on the go consumption. The 1-liter size is convenient for home consumption. 

Sunjoy should be kept in the refrigerator and enjoyed chilled.

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