Sunquick Foodservice – quality thirst solutions for the professional market

All over the world the foodservice business is growing. We see a generally increasing level of wealth and a trend towards urbanization, which leads to more people with more money, leading a busy and modern lifestyle in the big cities.
We want to contribute positively to our partners’ business through our strong brands and our deep knowledge about the market and our consumers. We offer a wide range of fruit drink concentrates aimed at the professional market: hotels, canteens and restaurants along with a range of high quality dispensing solutions fitting all types of customers.

Like the entire CO-RO product family, the foodservice product range contains high quality ingredients.

A wide range of flavours for every taste.

The Sunquick foodservice products are available in at least the 8 flavours: Orange, Tropical, Lemon, Peach & Orange, Mandarin, Mango, Apple, and Pineapple. The assortment varies from country to country, as we adapt the different ranges according to the local preferences in taste.

A high-quality product.

Like all CO-RO fruit drinks and concentrates, the Sunquick catering products contain no artificial flavours, sweeteners or colours. They are made from natural juice concentrates and sweetened with real sugar.

Our catering range comes with specially designed 2 litre plastic canisters and dispensers. Sunquick should be diluted in the ratio 1:9 or as preferred.