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10 Oct 2018

Internet of things meets Sunquick in China

With more than 12,000 Sunquick dispensers in China, CO-RO has taken on new technology by incorporating the latest IoT technology in dispensers.

The handling of thousands of dispensers within a market such as China can be complex. It is a market with large distances and recurrent opening and closings of catering outlets which can stir up dispenser management. Now; CO-RO is leading the way with the latest technology in Sunquick dispensers.

Since Early 2018, all new Sunquick post-mix juice dispensers in China have been made intelligent – as a small IoT device is built into the dispenser. IoT – or Internet of Things, is when appliances are collecting and exchanging data.

IoT and drinks?

How does this make sense in a Sunquick dispenser you might ask? Each dispenser holds valuable information such as sales volume, dispenser location, and operating status – and with the latest generation of dispensers, this information is now available for the organization to ensure swift and proper response if an error is detected, but also to analyze sales from each dispenser.

Nils Ronnow, General Manager for CO-RO in China, highlights: “By making Sunquick dispensers intelligent, we can now not only easily monitor our dispenser fleet in real time, we can also upgrade the service to our customers by improving campaigns fitting local consumption habits – just to give an example of what IoT and big data can do”.

and continues: “Making our dispensers intelligent is a major leap forward for an organization such as ours looking to accelerate our business now – and in the years to come”, Nils Ronnow concludes.

So yes, the Internet of Things and post-mix juice dispensers really does add up.