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07 Oct 2019

Sunquick’s design upgrade continues at pace!

For over half a century, our Sunquick brand has been refreshing and delighting consumers with joyful moments on a global scale! Our brand and label designs have now been further enhanced with a refreshed brand visual identity, while still staying true to our heritage.

The global design rejuvenation aims to modernize the brand’s appeal and help unify Sunquick’s communication across all our markets and throughout our entire portfolio. Reinforcing our unique heritage, while ensuring clearer flavour navigation and modernizing our designs across our concentrates, ready to drink and ambient ice products. All of which to help safeguard Sunquick’s visual identity, shelf stand out and brand attractiveness for decades to come.

The design upgrade has started rolling out across our Sunquick concentrate portfolio and we have already successfully implemented the changes across +60% of all our concentrate labels. The remaining markets will follow and we expect to have completed full implementation during the first half of 2020.