Sun Lolly – the refreshing home freeze ice lolly

Original from Denmark since 1979.

Sun Lolly is a refreshing home freeze ice lolly that’s sure to put a smile on the faces of kids and adults alike. Made with refreshing fruit juice* and no preservatives, this small triangular treat is the perfect everyday snack. It’s always at hand when you need it and it’s easy to serve – just freeze, cut and give it a squeeze to enjoy.

Sun Lolly has been a popular ice lolly since its debut in 1979 and it’s today the bestselling home freeze ice lolly in Denmark. Today it comes in a variety of flavours so everyone in the family can pick their favourite taste.

Flavours and pack sizes may vary from country to country.

* Cola flavour does not contain fruit juice.

Choose between 8 tastes of summer

Choose between 8 refreshing tastes of summer:

Strawberry, Raspberry, Peach, Exotic, Grape, Blackcurrant, Orange, and Cola.

Sun Lolly Creamy

Sun Lolly Creamy is a home-freeze ice-treat with a smooth, creamy* and delicious taste. Full of sunshine, this newest member of the triangular Sun Lolly family is perfect as a small treat or dessert for both kids and adults. And just like our other Sun Lolly variants, this creamy cousin is made without any preservatives, artificial flavourings, or sweeteners.

Sun Lolly Creamy comes in three sunny flavours: strawberry, vanilla and cocoa. Enjoy it the Sun Lolly way: simply freeze, cut and give it a squeeze to enjoy.

* contains condensed milk.

Brain Bites

Brain Bites are an exciting taste experience with all refreshing goodness of our classic Sun Lollies. They offer fun, daring flavour combinations – and the fun, crazy characters appeal to kids of all ages. But watch out: they're out to bite your brains! So bite them before they bite you.

Explore the 3 exciting flavors: Yummy Brain (orange/raspberry), Crazy Brain (rasp-berry/liquorice), and Zombie Brain (cola/passion).

Launched in 2014, Brain Bites are just as convenient, practical and easy to enjoy as our original Sun Lolly.

Sun Lolly Fruit Drink

Now you can also enjoy your Sun Lolly triangular favorites as delicious, fruity* thirst quenchers. The Sun Lolly family has been expanded with a variety of refreshing Fruit Drinks. 
Just like the rest of our products Sun Lolly Drinks contain real fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners and no preservatives. The new drinks might not be big in size but they are big in taste, just like the well-known Sun Lolly ice. The small size makes them perfect as a convenient, everyday refreshing treat, in the lunch box or for excursions.

* Cola flavor does not contain fruit juice

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