A family made to refresh and delight

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Suntop – Fruity refreshment in every sip

Loved for generations of young, active minds, Suntop is the tasty and trusted fruit drink made to be enjoyed whenever thirsts need quenching – at school home or on the go. Suntop is made with fruit juice, no artificial sweeteners or colours, and contains vitamin C

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Sunquick – Share the Joy

For decades, Sunquick has been synonymous with bringing friends ​and families together to share the joy of delicious fruit taste. ​Sunquick reaches over 70 markets – loved since 1966.​

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Sun Lolly – Put a smile on your day

A refreshing, trusted friend of the family that always adds to​ the fun and makes children smile.​ Our Sun Lolly products contain no preservatives,​ artificial sweeteners or colors.​

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Suncola – The
non-carbonated cola

Suncola has the delicious and refreshing taste of cola, one of the most popular​ flavors worldwide. Suncola is non-carbonated to ensure a smooth drinking experience ​compared to carbonated soft drinks.​ Suncola is a high quality product and free from preservatives.​

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