Caring for a responsible future

At CO-RO, we believe that even the smallest efforts can make a difference when it comes to improving the world we live in. We have dedicated over eighty years to make fruit-based products that refresh and delight. That bring a genuine smile on the faces of millions of people every day, all over the world. And we know that millions of small smiles can make a difference to the world around us. That’s why we celebrate every little thing that every person does, taking us one step closer to a brighter future together.

As a company we are not perfect and we know this is a continuous journey. But we are committed to ensure that our message of hope for the future positively impacts people. Helping them put that positivity back into the world. Because that’s how we can encourage and empower everyone to create lasting change.

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We empower and expect responsibility. We respond with due care and change readiness. We are result-oriented and cost-conscious. We act socially, ethically and with care for the environment.

– Mr. Jep Petersen, CO-RO’s founder, 1970s


This quote from Jep Petersen still guides how we work together every day at CO-RO. His words serve as inspiration to how we conduct our business – sustainably and responsibly.

It also demonstrates that we have always nurtured an celebrated a culture that cares. We care for our employees, for our partners and for our customers. And because we use real fruit juice in our products, it’s only natural that we care about our planet and its resources. This is reflected in our overall Environment, Social and Governance ambitions:


We are committed to reduce our environmental footprint. We focus on our own operations and we have ambitions throughout the supply chain.

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We care for our employees focusing on their health, safety and well-being and we support the local communities where we operate.

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We conduct business responsibly and ethically and we want to ensure that our high-quality ingredients are sourced in a responsible way.

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