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20 Feb 2019

A winning culture

CO-RO has a diverse, healthy, high-performance culture and we all share exciting ambitions for our company. We are a growing company and we work in an environment that reflects this fact. It’s dynamic, it’s stimulating and – most of all – rewarding. We see each other as individuals and our respective competencies as CO-RO’s most valuable assets.

Our goal is to be the very best company we can be. That is why we continuously focus on improving the workday and creating an ideal working environment for each other – both physically and socially. Key to this is appreciating the contribution of every individual and ensuring a beneficial work-life balance for all.

20 Feb 2019

A set of Winning Behaviors

Everyday life at CO-RO is guided by three winning behaviours that reflect our culture and provide a strong foundation for success.

Be responsible

With great power comes great responsibility and therefore we always behave with honesty and integrity. We are here to bring joy and happiness into people’s lives – and we are accountable for how we do it.

Take Action

We must never miss an opportunity to act. The world belongs to those who take initiative, act and continuously improve. We take pride in delivering results and in keeping momentum. That’s how we build an extraordinary business.


Good experiences don’t come on their own. That is why we encourage innovative thinking and new ways of doing things. If we are curious about what our colleagues are doing, what consumers want, and where our business is heading, then new ideas will come naturally. When we share our ideas and involve others in making them a reality, the sky is the limit!