Cookie and Privacy Policy

Data privacy in CO-RO A/S


At CO-RO, we respect the privacy of our online visitors. At the same time, we work continuously to improve our website according to our users’ needs and interests and, for that purpose, we collect and use information about you on a limited scale.

What type of data do we collect about you – and how do we use it?

Depending on how you interact with us, we may process several types of data relating to you. We may keep your contact details such as your name, email address, company name and address, phone number, your job title and role. From time to time we may also include relevant, non-sensitive conversation data that you have shared with us. We will only use this information to process orders or keep you up-to-date on the latest news, events, special offers and promotions of our products that might be of interest to you. We may also collect and use your information for other general business purposes, such as to maintain the day-to-day operation and security of our websites and applications, and to conduct internal marketing and demographic studies.

These activities mainly require the collection and use of certain technical computer information  website activity information and customer feedback – These activities includes the usage of cookies that, by unique identifiers, collect device information, user statistics, exposure of marketing-material (you can read more about cookies in the Cookies section),

Marketing-related communication (promotional emails, including newsletters, event listings and other similar types of marketing communication), will always provide you with the opportunity to opt out if you do not want to receive further marketing communication from us.

On what legal basis do we use your data?

We will only use your personal information as relevant Data Protection Regulation allows us to. Most commonly, we will use your personal information in the following circumstances: 1) Where we need to perform a contract we have entered into with you, 2) Where we need to comply with a legal obligation, or 3) Where it is necessary for our legitimate interests and yours, and where fundamental rights do not override those interests.

How do we secure your data?

We have put in place appropriate measures to protect the security of your information. These measures include, but are not limited to, storing your personal information in secure operating environments that are not accessible to unauthorised individuals. We verify the identities of registered users before they can access the personal information we maintain about them.

Who is the data controller?

The data controller of the registered data is CO-RO A/S, Holmensvej 11, 3600 Frederikssund, Denmark. If you have questions about this Privacy Notice or other questions related hereto, please contact

Where will my Personal Data be processed?

CO-RO A/S is a global company and has affiliates and third-party service providers both within and outside the European Economic Area (the “EEA”). Consequently, whenever CO-RO is using or otherwise processing your personal data for the purposes set out in this Notice, CO-RO may transfer your personal data to countries outside of the EEA. When we transfer personal data outside the EU you can expect a similar degree of protection in respect of your personal information. Find a list of all CO-RO entities and locations.

Third party service providers may come into contact with your personal information in the course of providing their services to us.  All of these third parties must always provide equivalent levels of security for your personal information as CO-RO and, where required, are bound by legal agreement to keep your personal information private, secure and to process it only on the specific instructions of CO-RO. A list of third-party service providers and their locations are available upon request.

How long do we keep your personal information?

We will only retain your personal information for as long as it is necessary to fulfil the purposes we collected it for, including the purpose of satisfying any legal, accounting or reporting requirements. We will only keep your personal information for as long as it is reasonably necessary, taking into consideration our need to answer queries or resolve problems, provide improved and new products and services and comply with legal requirements under applicable law(s). After this period, your personal information will be deleted from all systems at CO-RO.

How do you exercise your rights?

You can always get in touch with CO-RO via email to if you would like to:

  • Review, change or delete the data you have supplied to us.
  • Object to certain data processing activities – e.g. recruitment processes.
  • Receive a copy of your data.
  • Ask us anything related to the privacy of your data at CO-RO.

How do you file a complaint?

If you believe that CO-RO is not processing your personal data in accordance with the requirements set out in this Notice or applicable data protection laws, please contact CO-RO at You can, at any time, file a complaint with the data protection authority of the EEA country in which you live or with the data protection authority of Denmark, where CO-RO has its headquarters.

How can you contact us?

If you have any questions or comments regarding this Privacy Notice or our practices relating to information collection, please contact us at


What cookies do and how they work

We use cookies

We use cookies when you visit our websites. You can read more about how cookies work and the purpose of the cookies in this section.

How cookies work

A cookie is a small file of letters and numbers downloaded to a device (e.g. computer hard disk, telephone) when a user accesses certain websites. Cookies allows a website to recognise the user’s device and help the website remember information regarding your preferences (e.g. the language you selected) so you do not need to repeat selection of your preferences each time you enter the site from a particular device.

How to restrict or remove cookies from your device

If you wish to restrict or block the cookies which are set by the websites, or delete cookies already created, you can do this through your browser settings. Your browser’s HELP function should tell you how to do this, or your mobile phone manual. Alternatively, you may wish to visit (in English), which contains comprehensive guidelines about how to do this on a number of different browsers.

How this site uses cookies and the information we collect

Several type of cookies are used on the websites:

  • Required cookies are installed in order to make the website and functionality work properly.
  • Preference cookies are installed in order to make the website appear in customized form, e.g. the user’s preferred language or regional setting.
  • Statistical cookies are used to improve the websites by CO-RO by monitoring the behaviour of the user on the website and thereby giving CO-RO an understanding of how to improve the website.
  • Marketing cookies are used to track the user across websites. The purpose is to expose ads that are relevant for the user.

Cookies exist for a certain timespan:

  • Session Cookies. These are temporary cookies, which only exist for the period you access the Websites (or more strictly, until you close the browser after accessing the website). Session cookies help the wbsites remember what you chose on the previous page, thus avoiding having to re-enter information. On our Websites, these cookies do not contain personal information, and cannot be used to identify you.
  • Persistent Cookies. These are cookies which remain on your device after you have visited our Websites. These cookies help us identify you as a unique visitor (by storing a randomly generated number) and help us remember the language you selected when returning to our Websites. The length of time a cookie remains on your device will depend on the type of cookie. On our Websites, these cookies do not contain personal information, and cannot be used to identify you.
  • Tracking Cookies: These are used to provide meaningful site traffic reports about the usage of the Websites.

In the table below you can see all the cookies we use, what they do and what they collect:

Required cookies

Cookie Purpose Third party Exp.
cookieAccepted Rudimentary cookie to log if the user clicked the “ACCEPT” button on the Cookie Bar   365 days
wordpress_logged_in_xxxx WordPress dashboard cookie, logs the user logins   Session
wordpress_sec_xxxx WordPress dashboard cookie, logs the session time   Session
wordpress_sec_xxxx WordPress dashboard cookie, logs the session time   Session
wordpress_test_cookie WordPress test cookie utility   Session
wpe-auth WordPress for authorisation code of the logged in user   365 days


Preference cookies

Cookie Purpose Third party Exp.
cookieBrowserLang Logs the chosen language via the menu language option   Session
_icl_current_language WPML plugin cookie, used to record the current language of the site   Session
_icl_current_admin_language_xxxx WPML plugin cookie, used to record the current language of the admin dashboard   Session
wp-settings-2 WordPress cookie for recording settings   365 days
wp-settings-time-2 WordPress cookie for recording settings   365 days



Cookie Purpose Third party Exp.
_ga Google Analytics. Used to distinguish users. Yes 2 years
_gid Google Analytics. Used to distinguish users. Yes 24 hours
_gat Google Analytics. Used to throttle request rate. Yes 1 minute
AMP_TOKEN Google Analytics. Contains a token that can be used to retrieve a Client ID from AMP Client ID service. Yes 30 sec to 1 1 year


Marketing cookies

Cookie Purpose Third party Exp.
_gac_<property-id> Google Analytics. Contains campaign related information for the user. Yes 90 days