The CO-RO Foundation
– a family legacy

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20 Feb 2019

Owned by a foundation

The CO-RO foundation, known as CO-RO’s Fond, creates a stable platform from which we are able to realise our purpose and goal.


The Danish Petersen brothers founded CO-RO in 1942 in surprisingly humble conditions. One of them, Mr Jep Petersen, later headed the company until he died in 2005. He was man passionate about his life’s work – and his staff – who had helped grow the business into the global, fast-moving consumer goods company it is today.

Shortly before his death, he decided to safeguard CO-RO’s future by creating a foundation. As well as leading, strengthening and maintaining CO-RO Group’s existing company’s, the foundation would also support future companies and other activities. True to Jep Petersen’s vision, CO-RO’s Fond is the core of our organisation and the centre from where we refresh and delight people all over the world.