Sunquick – great to share, more to serve

Sunquick is a delicious and refreshing fruit drink.

Sunquick is a drink concentrate with multiple benefits: value for money, delicious fruit taste and vitamin C. Sunquick is super-concentrated and mixed at 1+9 or how it suits your taste. This makes the product easy to share and gives you more to serve. 

Both the bottle and the cap have been designed especially for Sunquick. The glass bottle ensures that the product is preserved the most optimal way to maintain a consistent quality, taste, and colour throughout its shelf life. The smart non-drip cap makes pouring easy.

Sunquick is represented in more than 70 world markets. 

Joyful fruitiness

Sunquick comes in 18 delicious flavours.

Orange, Tropical/Mixed Fruit, Mango, Mandarin, Lemon, Pink Guava & Strawberry, Blackcurrant, Orange & Peach, Exotic, Red Fruit, Pineapple, Apple, Passion Fruit, Grape, Orange & Apricot, Ice tea & Lemon, Red Orange, and Grapefruit.

A natural product with vitamin C

Sunquick is made with natural fruit juices and provides vitamin C. It contains no artificial colours, flavourings, or sweeteners.

Sunquick Gold – create your golden moment

Sunquick Gold – a special blend with a sweet taste

Sunquick Gold is the latest addition to the Sunquick family- This premium fruit drink is a sip of luxury to make your everyday even sweeter.

Sunquick Gold currently comes in two flavours:
• Sunquick Gold Orange: a refreshingly rich orange drink with a sweet taste
• Sunquick Gold Tropical: a smooth and balanced combination of 7 different fruits

Like all Sunquick products, Gold is a high-quality fruit drink, made with natural fruit juices and with no artificial sweeteners, flavours or colouring. It’s a super-concentrated product, which is diluted before serving.


The highly concentrated nature of the Sunquick products makes them a perfect solution for use by e.g. amusement parks, cinemas, hotels, restaurants, cafes and bars. 
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