Our history timeline

2017: Malaysia – CO-RO opens regional office in Kuala Lumpur to serve markets in Asia.

2016: The first ready to drink Sunquick is launched in selected countries in Asia.

2016: Sun Lolly Drink – CO-RO introduces the well-known tastes of Sun Lolly Grape, Raspberry and Cola as a ready to drink solution.

2015: Dubai – CO-RO opens its first representative office in the Middle East and North Africa region.

2015: Germany – CO-RO opens an office in Düsseldorf.

2014: CO-RO Food A/S changes its name to CO-RO A/S.

2013: China – CO-RO inaugurates its new 33,000 sq meter factory in the Foshan Province near Guangzhou.

2009: CO-RO Food A/S tops DKK 1 billion in net sales.

2005: Before his death, Mr. Jep Petersen, the founder of CO-RO Food A/S, transfers the ownership of CO-RO to the CO-RO Foundation.

1992: Malaysia – The joint venture Barkath CO-RO Manufacturing is established through an agreement between CO-RO and Kumpulan Barkath. Today the company produces products under the Sunquick brand.  

1986: CO-RO opens its first factory in China.

1979: Home Freeze Ice Lollies are introduced under the Sun Lolly brand.

1977: CO-RO and Binzagr Company in Saudi Arabia establish a joint venture, Binzagr CO-RO, to manufacture Suntop to the Middle East and North Africa region.

1970s: CO-RO launches the ready to drink brand Suntop, of which more than 1.4 billion servings are sold today.

1967: With the agreement with Al Nadir Trading Company in Iraq, CO-RO signs on its first distribution partner in the Middle East and North Africa region. Since then many more have been added.

1967: The headquarters and production in Denmark moves to Frederikssund.

1960s: The Petersen brothers decide to create their own brands and Sunquick is developed.

1950s: The development of soft drink concentrates and candied fruits is initiated.

1942: Flavorings and essences for mineral water, ice cream and bakery industries are the first products.

1942: CO-RO was founded by the two brothers Jep and Flemming Petersen. It all began in a 16 m² room in a suburb to Copenhagen.