30 May 2024


Some of our initiatives include:

Fighting plastic waste in Bangladesh

ACICORO has teamed up with Garbageman – a local, leading waste management company – to combat plastic pollution in Bangladesh.

The partnership aims to collect and recycle plastics, establish bins for waste collection, and organize cleaning events alongside green campus competitions. These efforts align with both companies’ shared vision of promoting responsible waste management practices and fostering environmental awareness.

Garbageman’s expertise in waste collection and recycling, coupled with ACICORO’s market presence and resources, represents a strong partnership on the journey towards a cleaner and greener Bangladesh.

Saving water in our production in Saudi Arabia

At Binzagr CO-RO in Saudi Arabia, our team completed a project focused on recycling water from fillers. These fillers, essential in our production of Suntop, typically generate significant volumes of wastewater.

Recognizing the potential to mitigate water waste, our dedicated team embarked on the development of a water recovery station. The water recovery station effectively treats wastewater from fillers, rendering it suitable for reuse in various utilities within Binzagr CO-RO’s facility.

The project resulted in remarkable water savings. In 2023 alone, the water recovery station conserved 14 million liters of water, reducing the reliance on freshwater sources.

Local energy partnership in Denmark

Given that our global headquarters and main production site have been rooted in Frederikssund, Denmark since 1967, we are committed to contribute to the green transition in the local area.

In collaboration with other major companies in Frederikssund, CO-RO participates in a local energy
partnership. The primary objective of this partnership is to efficiently utilize the substantial surplus heat generated collectively by these companies. By transforming this excess heat into district heating, we have the potential to provide sustainable heating to a significant portion of the municipality’s residents and businesses.

This approach not only enhances supply security but also aligns with Frederikssund Municipality’s ambitious climate strategy to achieve carbon neutrality by 2045.