30 May 2024


Some of our initiatives include:

Supplier Code of Conduct

To ensure responsible sourcing with respect to ethical, social, and environmental issues, our Supplier Code of Conduct summarizes the requirements we are committed to while also covering the expectations and requirements CO-RO has towards our suppliers.

Our objective is to establish signed Supplier Code of Conduct agreements with suppliers affiliated with CO-RO A/S. At the end of 2023, we achieved a commendable 90% compliance with this goal for direct material suppliers. During 2024 we expect 100% of our direct material suppliers to have signed Supplier Code of Conduct.

Whistleblower reporting system

We pursue an open culture in CO-RO where everyone is free to raise concerns, especially if they become aware of illegal or unethical business conduct or of serious violations of our internal rules and policies.

We have rolled out a Whistleblower reporting system to enable internal as well as external parties with affiliations to CO-RO to confidentially report any suspected serious wrongdoings which may damage the reputation of CO-RO or affect the life or health of individuals.