24 Apr 2024

CO-RO partners with DRYK to bring plant-based oat drinks to Danish consumers

We are excited to announce this new partnership paving the way for even greater offerings in Denmark’s beverage market. From May 1st 2024, CO-RO will handle the sale of DRYK’s oat and pea drinks in the Danish retail market.

The agreement involves CO-RO’s sales organization managing listing in retail chains as well as creating campaigns and displays for DRYK’s products in stores.

For CO-RO, it is a new venture to handle the sales of products in Denmark that are not our own, but we see the collaboration as an exciting opportunity:

Sales of Sun Lolly ice lollies are seasonal, meaning we have many activities in spring and summer. We have a strong sales organization with expertise in both sales and field sales, and with the collaboration with DRYK, we look forward to contributing to the sales of a product that is highly popular in the autumn and winter periods,” says Mads Erikstrup Lynghard, Sales Director at CO-RO Europe, and adds:

CO-RO and DRYK are a good match as two Danish companies with the same vision – to provide Danish consumers with quality and refreshment.

DRYK, a Danish company developing plant-based alternatives to dairy products, aims to strengthen its position in Danish retail through this collaboration. Christian Christensen, CEO of DRYK ApS, says:

We are very excited about the agreement with CO-RO, which has a truly competent sales organization with strong customer relationships in retail. The collaboration helps strengthen our position in Denmark, where our customer base currently primarily includes companies like Coffee Collective and Original Coffee, among many others in the foodservice segment.”

DRYK’s products are currently exported to 28 countries, and the strategy has so far been exclusively focused on the foodservice segment.