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16 Aug 2018

CO-RO celebrates topping-out ceremony for the new innovation powerhouse

The new head office and innovation center will make room for all global functions in CO-RO along with a state-of-the-art innovation lab.

The global refreshment company CO-RO celebrated a joyful topping-out ceremony at the head office in Denmark. Søren Holm Jensen, the CEO, welcomed workers, advisors, the architect from Henning Larsen Architects, the Mayor of Frederikssund, and more than 200 excited employees from an improvised podium made of pallets.

“Welcome to our new house – our innovation powerhouse. This is where we will refresh and delight every day, doing our best to make new amazing products, creating moments of WOW”, says Søren Holm Jensen.

Danish sandwiches – reloaded

To emphasize the innovation agenda the company has set out for, reloaded variants of the famous Danish Sandwiches (smørrebrød) and mocktails made with CO-RO’s own products made their way to the construction site, replacing the traditional hot dog stand.

Soon after guided tours around the site was offered, allowing the curious crowd to have the very first impressions of the new local landmark. This included both the coming auditorium for guest speakers, the shared canteen – and the offices above offering an impressive view of the surroundings.The new head office and innovation center will be completed in Q2-2019 and will host all global functions in CO-RO, to facilitate cross-functional collaboration in the international company.